Chastity AND No Marriage!

Boy, Evangelicals are becoming the Catholics of the 21st century: not only do they make their children feel guilty for having sex before marriage, they make them feel guilty for marrying young, too. Ah, controlling parents lasting well into adulthood sounds, um, awesome? Hey, you, seventeen-year-old with raging hormones: if you have sex, you're going to hell, but if you marry so you can have sex, you're going to hell, too. Wait until you're past college, are bringing in a good paycheck, and then you can finally have sex. That sounds like a completely do-able plan! Evangelical children: didn't the Palins teach you anything? Sure, you have your purity ring and abstinence pledge, but go ahead and fuck whoever you want, because when you get pregnant or get somebody pregnant, your family will rally around you and help out like it's the greatest thing ever! Careless premarital sex is the best thing that can happen to you - oh, and guys, you better bet that the evangelicals' Victorian morality works in more ways than expecting chastity: you can stick your dick in any non-evangelical you want, especially prostitutes - that's how the system has worked for a hundred and fifty years. You kids trying to follow the letter of the law just don't get it. The rules are contradictory so you can pretend you're better than everybody else, even though you're doing the same thing as those you criticize. Hey, if a couple people have stamina to actually be a virgin until thirty, good for them, but they don't have to.

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