Sluts Still Get Married!

Oh, this era of sexual promiscuity - 40 fucking years of it, thanks hippy sixties! - is going to completely destroy the sanctity and sacredness of marriage! Er, fuck you, prude. Despite getting and giving the milk for free, nearly everyone still gets married in their life. Sure, later than before (gotta fit in a couple years of fucking before walking down the aisle!) but, in general, everyone gets the ball-n-chain before they die. But why would anybody get married if they can sleep around? The same reason they sleep around: because they want to. You know what you had in the olden days? People had to get married before they could have sex, or once they got pregnant from the illicit sex. Yhere wasn't the same freedom to choose who to spend your life with - you were pretty much stuck with the first person to drop trou for you. Today, people can chose to, or not to, get married entirely on their own whims, without social stigma as long as you just ignore the freedom-hating Conservative assholes - A free America is an awesome America!

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