Giant Dog Penis!

Gille and Marc Schattner, artists from down under, have a show at a gallery entitled "The Dog In Us All". The artwork all falls under a theme of the intersection of dog-kind and man-kind, and includes a statue called "Good Boy," seen below. The status is almost 9 feet tall, and at that scale, everything is huge. Er, even the two foot long human penis dangling between the man-dog's legs. The article neglects to say how they measured the fiberglass organ, nor does it say who the model was. What they do point out is that many people are shocked when suddenly confronted by a two-foot-long handling phallus at eye level. People in Sydney were worse off, probably because it was exhibited outside, but they've moved it to a gallery in Perth, which, apparently, expects to run into giant dicks when wandering the galleries.

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