Bad For Men!

The Frisky, usually more interested in women's issues, has compiled a list of 15 things that are hurting men. From Axe body spray commercials to bromances, I'd say this list is more of a "what stupid things are guys doing in the misguided belief that women enjoy it". A while back, somebody (rather speciously) blamed the skinny, "prepubescent-boy" look for women on the fact that the people in charge of fashion and the media were largely gay - and this might be the converse of that issue. We're making our women look and act like 14-year-old boys, men are supposed to look like flaming homosexuals all the time, and - for some unknown reason - those misguided women and men keep fucking each other despite how disappointingly stupid they look. You know, everyone: if you'd stop fucking people who look like they'd appeal more to a gay man, people wouldn't think that these fashion choices were successful. Case in point.

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