Billy Mays: Pickup Artist!

Oh, how I wish this article went into greater detail: Billy Mays, Mr. Oxyclean himself, has plenty of tips for the pickup artist. It does make sense. What products are "As Seen On TV?" They're the ones that you wouldn't just happen across at the store, or have no predecessor for a cultural anchor. They're the unique thing that nobody knows they want yet...exactly what a pickup artist is. Or tells themselves they are; most pickup-artists I've met are generic, lookalikes with little else redeeming about them. If one starting selling himself with a Billy Mays approach, I'll bet he'd have far more opportunities to fuck hot women than Mr. Sensitive-Tease-Mc-Flirty-Ass. I'm sure Billy Mays fucks, what, ten, fifteen women every night? He's a freakin' dynamo.

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