Bill Macy Is Old!

Bill Macy is old, but that doesn't stop him from being the awesomest fucking grownup in the world. Here's an excerpt from this interview: Back in my day we were protesting the Vietnam War, and the two places you were pretty likely to get laid was at a protest if there was tear gas, if there was violence of any kind, oh my god, you could get laid in a New York minute. The girls got so hot. The second place was the prom. There's heavy drinking. Here's something to wrap around your hat: The nervous car dealer guy from Fargo trolled Vietnam War protests during the Seventies so he could fuck hot tear-gassed hippies. Bill Macy, you were married to Nina Hartley in Boogie Nights, you were the smartest kid in the world in Magnolia, and now you are the one guy in the world I'd want to have my back next time I go to Tijuana. Bring Felicity, she's kinda hot, too.

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