Adult Entertainment: Jobs!

People looking for quick money and a flexible schedule are discovering - hey! - getting naked is worth a lot of money! Oh, of course, when times are good, only whores do it, but in a recession, it's a way to save your family and pay for college! Finally, here's an article that gives a little context to this 'easy' career: "Once you decide to be an adult actress, it impacts your relationship with everyone," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of adult film giant Vivid Entertainment Group. "Once you make an adult film, it never goes away." Many of the people quoted in the articles, I think, would probably have been in adult entertainment anyway, but it's much easier for a news outlet to pleasantly frame a 'woman paying for her teaching degree by stripping at night' as a plucky entrepreneur figuring out how to get by, than a family of four with two incomes already and huge heating bills that needs help getting by after being pushed out of Social Services to keep budgets balanced. Expect, in about 15 years, a rush of conservative political candidates discredited because of a history of stripping and porn, with them dispensing excuse platitudes like, "oh, the economy was so bad, and I had to feed my family somehow!". Sadly, conservative morals are so flexible, they'd rather grant the excuse than to acknowledge that adult entertainment is worthwhile. Don't forget: a couple years back, teachers were fired for having summer job wearing a bikini and looking sexy and wearing a bikini on Howard Stern. You think any 'think-of-the-children' schoolboard is going to excuse this 'ho-ho, bad economy means get creative!' behavior in five years when the article at the top turns up in her 3rd-graders' search engines? People need to start accepting that adult entertainment isn't evil: it's a valid career for people with the skills and talent, and - horror - people change careers sometimes. Oh, don't count AIG on an employee's resume as a black mark, but stripper? Good god, call out the hounds.

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