Sex = Happy Women!

Studies show that women who are healthy and happy have better sex. Aw, and all this time I thought women with low sex drives were just bitches! The sad thing is, that last statement may be sarcastic from me, but a lot of people believe it, including the low-sex gals. Health, fitness, and emotional well-being are, not surprisingly, tied to sex, because, well, it turns out that women aren't completely disconnected from their sex parts like the robots they're treated as. Oh, wait: the 'study' was sponsored by Proctor and Gamble, because they intend to medicate this "HSDD". So, expect a re-labeled antidepressant/pain-killer/hormone-treatment in the near future, designed to treat your "low sex drive" instead of your actual health issues, that ! your insurance won't cover because there's no generic alternative and because it's sex-related it's not important. Thank god modern medicine wants to help unhappy, sickly women have better sex!

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