Rackem Frickidy Frackem Yo!

I'm not usually one to read Nerve, their hipster pretensiousness puts me off, but sometimes funny stuff pops up in my RSS reader, such as dating advice from stand-up comedians. Really, is there anyone more qualified? There's a reason Dr. Drew needed Adam Corolla on the show with him. For example:

My boyfriend likes to talk dirty. I don't have anything against it, I just seem to have performance anxiety and have no idea what to say. How do I let go and go for it?
Use Yosemite Sam euphemisms. And shout them out loud! "Johnny, you better rackem frickidy frackem yo diddly dad mo tittily franny tam of a bridily brack!"

It says so much, with so little lecturing: if you're unsure what to say, don't sweat it, say what comes to you, but don't contrive anything, otherwise you sound like a 3-foot-tall moustachioed gunslinger. I was far less entertaining, right? Comics can do anything better.

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