Men: Not Sex Machines!

WHAT?!? Pop culture's stereotypes have failed me! It seems that sexuality is actually a sweeping curve that touches all possible levels of sexual desire, depending on the individual person, and men can't all be expected to be letcherous fools? This "dark secret of the bedroom" is the topic of an article from the always level-headed Sun, who warns women that your men may have a lower sex drive than you, for various personal and emotional reasons. Absurd! Women need to be lured and tricked into having sex, by men who would fuck anything remotely female to satiate their lust! They do find something to blame, though: men's diminished value to the household. M! en can't possibly enjoy sex when they're not the primary breadwinner and have to spend so much time at work to afford the payments on their subprime mortgage and the rising cost of gas. It's society, ladies - it couldn't possibly be that he just doesn't want to have sex with you.

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