Lawyer: No Erotica!

A lawyer in the Moscow offices of Allen & Overy has been told to cut back on her website: well, just the fucking-related parts. You see, her bosses frown on her erotic expression, that it somehow reflects poorly on their business, so they ordered her to stop publishing it online. The wording would indicate that the chapters she has alread! y online are fine, but we all know how this works...employers have their employees by the short hairs, and use that influence to control people's private lives. Such a shame. Even worse: the few chapters I could get through were, shall we say, in need of the judicious and extreme influence of a skilled editor. It would be so much easier to defend a true work of art than the firstiest first-draft of an amateur writer. Take it all down Dierdre, polish it up, get the help of an editor, then give it to the world - you'll kill two birds with one stone.

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