Church Sex = Necrophilia

A new book recommends a church confessional as one of the 101 places to have sex before you die. For obvious reasons, churches don't like the suggestion of confessional-fucking on their property. I highly doubt anyone will every actually accomplish thist lofty objective, but according to the Catholic League's Bill Donohoue, "The kind of people who would have sex in the confessional would also have sex in a graveyard. And I don't mean with each other." Ah, the quick association of the slightest perversion with the deepest perversion. "People who have oral sex are gonna fuck their dogs eventually!" "Lock up your ten-year-old girls, that guy likes to be spanked!" "Gays, gays everywhere -- prepare to be fucked in the nose!" The only way the fair Catholic League president could prove his statement would be to poll the people who have had sex in a church and question their necrophiliac predilections. I volunteer him to do the questioning. He may not realize that, to a lot of people, his "church" is just a big public building, and people just like to fuck each other anywhere they have a enclosed, quiet place, whether it's a confessional, store changing room, or public bathroom. Or, wherever there's a sexy latex-nun:

Oh no -- I think she's hot, now the Catholic League knows I'm a horse-fucker!

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