Trophy Ring: For Idiots

The Trophy Ring is a gold ring with a silver outside, so when you cut it, the 'gouge' shows through. What sort of things can you count by the marks? How about: how many times you want your guy friends to think you've gotten laid? Or, what about: how many times you've been asked by a woman what the ring means, blushed, and then lied because you're afraid it'll turn her off?

Guys, the attitude that showing off that you sleep around doesn't make you sexy. Oh, by all means, get laid as much as possible, but if you think that broadcasting it will make the difference between getting laid and not getting laid, you've made a terrible mistake of logic. "No, really, babe, the ring shows how I've slept with six women then neglected to call them back because I was devoting my time to sleeping with other women," might fly with stupid women, but, come on, if that's the problem then, again, you're doing it wrong. Being charming and attractive goes a long ways, and trying to reassure yourself that you can get laid by wearing a stupid ring demonstrates your lack of charm and wit.

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