Pantyhose, Guys?

OK, this is proof that the story is batshit insane: their first assumption is to blame Batman for a perceived increase in men's pantyhose wearing. BATMAN?!? It's a good thing for the journalist that Batman is a good guy, or she'd have to get herself an armed escort (not that it'd help against Batman, anyway). OK, back to pantyhose: there's talk, it seems, that more men are wearing pantyhose than ever before, although the article doesn't explain why or how they reached the conclusion, other than the writer overheard something about male pantyhose and went, "no fucking way, really? Thursday deadline, I've got you done on Tuesday!" While I don't o! bject to it in principle, for personal reasons unrelated to fashion; however, as a fashion statement: Men, don't do it. In the words of a fashion editor: "It's metrosexuality gone stark raving mad."

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