Olive Garden: Go Away Porny

Porn star and Playboy girlie Kendra Wilkinson loves Olive Garden and tells everybody exactly why. However, Olive Garden doesn't like the idea of a person with her employment history shilling for their restaurant. I know exactly what they're talking about -- ever since Wilkinson has been blathering on and on about how great OG is, every time I eat there, the place is full of gang-bangers, big-titted whores, and table-dancing strippers. Their business has gone completely to hell, just like when Annie Sprinkle endorsed Mike's Hard Lemonade. Does Olive Garden really believe that the people who take advice from a porn star are going t! o be the ones reached with the "when you're here, you're family" ads? I suppose the people who believe those commercials just don't want a porn star as an Olive Garden cousin.

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