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Jury, please vote: is "Crying While Eating" a fetish website? I'm leaning towards 'no,' but crying is not absent from porn sites.

In this time of economic troubles, Ron Miller works two jobs: porn star and criminal defense lawyer. I smell a HBO series! His site:

Valerie Boucher, who paid for her college through prostitution, is organizer of Forum XXX, a conference for sex workers being held this week in Montreal.

UK theatres, usually accustomed to editing or banning US films for questionable content, are now allowed to show Deep Throat. It will be assigned the rare "R18" designation, similar to the NC17 stateside, and will be shown alongside the documentary Inside Deep Throat.

The latest musician being boycotted for sexually explicit lyrics: Bruce Springstein. His song Reno, from The Boss' new album, describes anal sex & prostitution, and for that has been excluded from Starbuck's sales list. It reminds me once, while shopping through jazz CDs, how shocked I was to see a Josephine Baker re-release with a "Parental Advisory Lyrics" label on it. If jazz, the 'one true American music form,' and the superbly American Bruce Springsteen are censored for violating America's personal morals -- are the censors reflecting what our society truly is, or some perverted idea of what our society wishes it was?

GoDaddy's boobs are a point of controversy, if you didn't already know. The company says they've seen record sales, and 28% approval rating of the ad. However, the opposition cites a 25% 'dislike' rating, with 42% of women disapporoving. GoDaddy's advertising cadre responds, arguing the women have a double standard with what's OK on TV: "Is that the same 42% of women who watch Desperate Housewives every Sunday night?"

Parents Television Council, to demonstrate the extensive raunchiness on cable TV, has condensed it all down into a 6-minute video linked at the bottom of this page. The page is worth a read, too, if you're interested in programming your Tivo for the 'good stuff'.

Kelly Carson, the actress portraying porn star Kimber Henry on Nip/Tuck, owns the lookalike sex doll prop that appeared in an episode. Carson says about her plastic doppelganger: " "She sits in my living room, where I have her fully dressed - a different wig, because I couldn't keep the first one and reading a book. She's good decor."

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