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Tacoma, Washington is working on passing a law to prevent places from catering to sexual intercourse, like bathhouse and sex clubs. They say hotels and motels are exempted, but what about bar bathrooms where they charge a cover? What about a frat party that asks for a donation of canned goods during rush week? What about rented vacation home, with bearskin rugs and a roaring fireplace? Where's the line drawn for "paying admission to have sex there" -- when it comes down to consensual sex anyways?

A brothel posing as a colon hydrotherapy clinic caught police attention because there weren't any female customers. Who watches a colon irrigation shop long enough to see if women go in?

Gerard Damiano talks about his life -- a very average life which just happens to have included writing & directing Deep Throat.

Having sex regularly makes you more happy than a high-paying job. No wonder I'm such a happy guy! I wouldn't complain about having both, though.

Real sex doesn't sell in the movies...put in gratuitous, funny, or mysogynistic sex in, sure, but films focusing on the reality of sex just don't do well.

The Washington Times has a nice summary on what's going on with female sexual offenders and abusers, summing up the "teacher sleeps with student" headlines that titillate us on a near-weekly basis.

A frumpy statue of Queen Victoria is a sex icon in Bangkok, a fertility symbol that for a hundred years childless women have made pilgrimages to in hopes of being blessed with child.

There's a law in the works to prevent high school cheerleaders from getting all "Bring It On" anymore. A law against sexualizing Texas? Amazing! Hopefully they'll still allow Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to shake their "thang".

Australians are rather lame in their sexual experiences...well, just as lame as most people, having sex less and less excitingly than you'd see on TV. This realization is part of a new book, Doing it Down Under - The sexual lives of Australians.

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