Real Guy Doll!

Sinthetics makes ultra-realistic sex dolls - better than the silkscreen printed face on your blowup doll, for sure - but one thing that sets them apart is the male sex dolls they make. Here's a bunch of pictures, enough to both creep you out and injure your masculinity. Oh, they don't just have erect penises - you can get 'em with flaccid penises, and, if you really want, you can stick a penis on a girl doll. No word on if you can stick a vagina into one of these guys - with the purchase option of "anal heat", the anus must be functional (as functional as people want in a sex doll), but the lack of vibrating penis options means that the ladies probably aren't the target audience for these rugged hunks. Oh, well, women will just have to keep fucking real people until somebody gets their act together and makes a plastic man that will lie there, immobile and indifferent, while you reverse-cowgirl him.

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