Dispose Of Sex Toys!

Lovehoney is a sex paraphernalia shop in the U.K., and they've got a smart program: send them your old sex toys, they give you loyalty points. See, because sex toys have batteries and solder and motors and circuit boards and wierd rubber in them, they're about as bad for the environment as your celphone is. The thing is, here in the U.S., they're not any less toxic to the environment, but the trash rules aren't so strict around here. My garbage guy said as long as it doesn't look like a computer or a bucket of solvent it can go in the regular trash. But, if you really want to help the environment, do the right thing: dispose of your battery-powered penises with a company like Scarlet Girl or see if this place is accepting donations yet, or see if you have a friend in the UK who'd be willing to take 'em off your hands. You'll feel better about the environment, and it's an excuse to buy something new: a win-win situation!


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