Big Boy Prostate Massager!

Maybe I'm reading in the wrong places, but there's just not a lot of talk about vibrators for men. Pumps and fleshlights, shit yeah, but not the male analog of the hoppin' rabbit. Those go under the analytical name "prostate massager", and my guess Reason #1 is because it goes in the butt, people are squicky about it. I'll even admit: years ago I used a regular vibe on my prostate, and it was awesome, but it's still a bit embarrassed to admit it. The awesomness of it should disperse the embarrassment, so here I am, telling you guys to try it sometime. Reason #2 people aren't talking about them: they're fucking Scary looking. I'm talking about it today because it came across my newsreader that UK company Rocks-Off has a new one called the Big Boy

Now, before you shit yourself in fear, they've got two smaller versions, the Rude Boy and the Naughty Boy, but I doubt they made the bigger version simply to disappoint people. Now, the #3 Reason people probably aren't talking about it is because they think that butt play is gay. Seriously, guys, gay is about sexual attraction to men - give your favorite woman the vibe, show her how to use it on you, and then let her go to town. Then you tell me how gay it is, I'm just sayin'.

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