Homemade Sex Doll!

Dear god, gentlemen, don't try this at home. making your own sex toy is a recipe for tragedy. The tragedy is, when somebody else finds it, then uploads photos to the internet. The design is, of course, genius: check out how the elbows and knees are articulated like a sock monkey. Plus, without bones, she can perform positions only Cosmo graphics designers can think of. I mean, who doesn't like fucking a lifeless sock monkey? I can only hope this is a transitional toy - soon, Cliff will have enough money saved up to buy those disembodied hips-and-ass sex toys, and then something with hips and tits, and so forth, like he's levelling-up in some twisted penis-focused video game. Only 10,000 more points and he can add a navel! While I can't make out the face he's chosen to tape on the head, I'm pretty certain it's 1970s-era Candice Bergen. What the guy lacks in masking-tape dollmaking skills, he makes up for in taste. Sorta. UPDATE: this is the source of the unimaginable horror of the homemade sex doll.

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