Fap Mapper!

Oh, for fuck's sake, everybody is taking this way too seriously: FapMapper is a phone app that lets you map the places you've masturbated. The only entertainment value in this is in the fact that it's totally a hoax. Come on: if there were any sexual gratification in such a thing, an app like this would have been out years ago, and there would be chat. This thing's entertainment value is to go, "gross, people masturbate in my town?" Let me tell you, mister: there's a toilet in that sorority over there, and the college chicks do unspeakable things in it. FapMapper is for the gross fun of browsing a map, looking at the stupid made-up reasons somebody thought would be funny to say they wanked. Do note, though, that FapMapper is from PinkVisual, a fine adult entertainment company, and while the map is full of little FapIcons, it's also got a bunch of little PinkVisual icons to helpfully let you know where to buy their products. Fucking successful advertising campaign: got me to talk about how stupid it is for a couple hundred words. Use it to find adult bookstores; screw the masturbation shit.

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