Demon Penis!

I love how descriptive ratings are getting; when I was a kid, it was just G, PG, and R - now, your favorite TV shows have long descriptions of the vices of which you are about to see. Take, for instance, the new Dante's Inferno game, based on a popular medieval satirical allegory of a poet visiting another poet in the Grecian underworld and seeing various public figures who ended up in the Inferno for acts perpetrated on Earth. Sounds like a good background for a first-person shooter, am I right? The new Inferno allows you to kick ass and take names in the vernacular - plus, the ESRB wants to warn you, there's one demon whose "...penis [is] visible during the flying and fire-spewing..." Surely, a game whose box description includes a scale of violence which was previously unknown in early Italian literature, should turn parents off to buy it for their impressionable children, but - the horrors - there better be a warning if there's a demonic cock involved. Oh, and the breasts: if you're willing to put up with the cock and the blood, there's apparently a whoreload of tits to be seen in the game, including the physics-applied bouncing boobs of a King-Kong sized Cleopatra. Saints alive, Virgil never knew what he was getting into when he agreed to guide Dante through Hell!

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