Welcome Back!

I kinda like explaining what's going on with the site from time to time - makes me feel like there's actually somebody reading who cares when things are quiet for a while. Anyhow, in a stroke of financial genius, work authorized overtime from last Wednesday until this coming Wednesday, so that they can lay us off next Wednesday night through next Monday. The theory was: if everyone was taking a paid holiday for Thanksgiving and half the office is using vacation for Friday, that's 40% of the week's payroll still going out without any production to cover the expense. Things are tight, don't you know, so they'd rather pay us extra to create billable work than to have us end the month two days behind. It sounds like somewhat of a pain in the ass, but, hell, an overtime paycheck right before Christmas wins out over updating this site, don't you think? So, next week I'm planning on making up for it, expecially since Thursday and Friday I'll be sitting at home in my underwear, drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on a constant loop from the Tivo. Oh, and for any legal eagles who want to say, "hey, they can't lay you off for two days like that and make you work a 60-hour week, blah blah blah", there was an unwritten opt-out option, which is why they offered the overtime to sweeten the deal.

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