Sex In The Future?

Will there still be sex in the future? Somebody thought to ask some futurists about it, who responded, "Yes! But it will be far more complicated and expensive than now!" which recalls the "future sex" in Barbarella which involves lots of nudity but nothing but fingertips touching. Most acknowledged that transhumanism is to overcome the limitations of the flesh, but sex is at its peak of success and best done as meaty as possible, thus unlikely to be replaced by brain uploads, but they all talked about how we'll add things to it and it might not even be called sex anymore because our primitive minds can barely perceive how different it will be. When they get into the transhumanism aspect, most of the people go off the rails into metaphysical bizarrity, like the SecondLife character (!?!) they interviewed - again (?!?) - who talked aimlessly about uploading two brains into one and having it work in tandem. Yo dawg I herd you like cars so we put a car in yo car so you can drive while you drive. The best answer comes from a biologist: "Besides, if youâÂÂ

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