Robot Sex Tourism!

"Tourism futurologist" - a term I'm sure has been a career for centuries - Ian Yeoman has a vision. And, I doubt he was high, even though it sounds like it. "In the future," he says, "people will travel from place to place to have sex with robots!" Has he blown your freakin' mind yet? "No, dude, sure, shipping a robot sounds easier than taking a trip, but tourism is about the places you go - you'll be freakin' begging for the Grand Canyon to have a robot-fucking hotel right on the fucking edge, dude." I'm paraphrasing, but I can't imagine his brainstorming session with his "think tank" to sound any different. Maybe he's talking about robots fucking each other, which is definitely a new market for tourism that the future will certainly bring - more likely than people traveling to distant lands just to fuck robots. Shit, tourists travel to remote locations to fuck other tourists. Me, I'm going the other direction: sex-robot Netflix. You queue up the robot you want to fuck, and in a few days it arrives on your doorstep. Where's my "futurist" credentials, you assholes?

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