Ice Knife!

Dude, remember when that movie had that bullet made of ice, and then they shot the president, but the ice bullet melted? Okay, the Mythbusters mythbusted that busted myth, but ThinkGeek seems to think the method has promise: make an ice-knife, and you can cut people with the anonymity of any average ice-cube! On one hand, you can't stab anyone with ice! On the other hand, Mythbusters proved that icicles could kill, so there may be something behind it. Of course, ThinkGeek does the "NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY - not for actual murder", but when the prime suspect in next week's stabbings is Frosty the Snowman (until his body turns up in a BDSM dungeon, chained to a wall and stabbed by an ice knife, if CSI shows have taught me anything), then you'll be sorry you sold such implements of goosepimply death, ThinkGeek!

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