Women To Avoid Dating

Some guy named John Carney is bucking for a stint at McSweeney's with his humorous List of women (he calls them 'girls') to avoid dating during the holiday season. It pretty much adds up to, "you're a hipster guy, but don't want to be called a 'hipster' because that's so not cool, so stop dating hipster girls and find yourself a well-balanced woman." Sorry, guys: if you're spending time where 'microfamous' women get tattooed and/or drunk, or find pretty girls with bad eyeglasses intriguing, any well-rounded women won't be interested in you. This isn't an Apatow movie where you win when a grown-up drags you up into manhood by the collar of your ironic t-shirt or wallet chain. The 'bon! us' are the last two lines of the article: first, he admits the man-child quality with "Avoid any girl who tells you that you are emotionally unavailable. SheâÂÂ

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