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That top can't be too practical; you can't wear it out on the street, can you? Although, I'm sure it's doing everything it's supposed to, and most of its usefulness happens up in the bedroom:

I'd like to wander through her stacks, and check out her "library of congress", it sounded sexier in my head:

Lovely nipple rings to clench between my teeth; her hands are bound, so she can't stop my tomfoolery (not that she'd want to, methinks):

Those huge breasts look a little constricted, let me give them a hand...or two...and let them have a little breathing room:

It's so hard to tell a good angel from a bad angel these days -- I guess I'll just have to take my chances and see where things go:

While I do love the frilly undies, there's a certain beauty for the everyday underwear; if she's comfortable, she's much more receptive, you know:

Tiny pink socks and little else:

Stripes on the bottom, fishnets on top -- something's a little upside down, but I can't complain:

She's ready for you, the bed is made, and she's working her way out of the lingerie:

Mauve undies with a blue shirt? It may be a fashion disaster, but how can such great tits and pouty lips ever be considered disastrous:

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