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Black Hair, White Suds

Black Angelika doesn't show much of her bathtime, but what she does let us watch is well worth the effort:

Madison Gets Foamy

There's so many suds, I'm afraid Madison is going to get lost in there. I think she needs a guide, someone to hold her hand, pull her close if anything gets dangerous:
More here.

Chantelle Undressing For Bath

Chantelle spends about half her time undressing (it must be very complex), but once she starts to relax in the tub, warm suds slipping across her sweet breasts, stressful memories of the difficult degarmenting just slip away:

Kristy and Brittany In The Bath

We saw just their breasts a couple weeks ago, which was kinda unfair, so here's the rest of Brittany and Kristy -- different photos, different bathtime, same hot, soapy tits. Nothing to complain about there!

Mya's Big Tit Bath

Oh, Mya, those breasts look so dirty -- while I'd love to sit here and watch you wash yourself, it'd be a disservice to your amazing tits to refuse to help lathering them up:

Brittany and Kristy in the Bath

It's always wise to bathe with a friend when your breasts are so fucking huge. I mean, if you're not careful, you're liable to injure yourself. Make sure somebody (like me, or a lesbian friend) is hold on to them, just to be sure they don't slip out and break anything. It's a safety thing, really.

Bathing Serenity

Serenity must've taken a cue from Seinfeld in that Microsoft commercial: bathe in your clothes, when you're done, you're ready to go. She slowly undresses as she washes herself, which is more fun to watch than anything else:

Laurie Washing Up

Oh, Laurie -- why don't you relax in the bubble bath more? You turn on the sprayer too, too soon, washing away the bubbly soapiness. At least there's two good pictures of you lying in the lather:

Lesbian Bubble Bath

Girls, girls, girls! Don't you know you're supposed to wait for me? And with all the fisting in the bath. If you want something to stretch you out that bad, you should be using my cock. It has far fewer fingernails.

Chloe and Madison Washing Up

Really, I do appreciate Madison and Chloe's efforts to get themselves clean, but wearing their clingy, nearly-transparent wet t-shirts into the bath? Splashing around and getting the floor wet? Spending their time making out when they should be washing each other? Someone needs a spanking. A long, hard...spanking:

Oxana's Exhausing Bubble Bath

Oxana appears to be a gymnastic bather; she just can't sit still. She's standing, she's sitting; her legs are up, she's kneeling. She needs a way to burn off some of that energy, and I think I can provide her some physical exertion that should leave her relaxed and happy:

Bubbly Bulle

Bulle is the 'true french,' whatever that means; it probably means she's a screamer in the sack. Anyhow, I'll have to wait until she's out of the tub before I can have at it. A girl needs her time to relax...especially if she's got a vibrator in hand:

Love Abbie's Bath

"Love Abbie"? Why, yes, yes I do! She started out robed, but once she slips her freckly shoulders into the warm, bubbly tub, she's all woman:

Kendra's Secret Bubble Bath

"Kendra's Secret" appears to be that she has put photos of her sudsy bubble bath in not one, but two different places online. That tricky, tricky Kendra -- she may need some gentle punishment to remind her not to keep secrets from me:

Wanna Join? Yes!

The picture at Flickr is titled "wanna join" -- and the answer is a unanimous, unambiguous YES. Gotta love those old steel bathtubs; they were always big enough for two:

Soapy Rachel Aziani

Rachel Aziani likes her bath, late at night, with just the faint moonlight to glisten across her slick, wet breasts:

The Soapy Sandy Summers

Sandy Summers really likes to take bubble baths -- so much that she can't even contain them all on her own website; in trying to find a link to her site, I ended up finding a variety of bubbly Sandy pictures and videos scattered all around the interwebs:
First, there's the set where the picture above comes from (more pictures, but spammy); then, she bathes outdoors in a big bucket, washes her feet and legs in another bathtub on YouTube, and then you've got this excellent bubble bath video, in the lowest-right-hand-corner of this page.

Lilly Pink Panties In The Bath

This Sarah-Vowell-lookalike wants to show you just how clean she can get in her pink panties. OK, at least I think she looks like Sarah Vowell; maybe if Vowell were twenty years younger and a porn star. Wait -- Sarah Vowell, porn star...hmmmmmmm........I'll run with that thought, while you gaze at this young lady's bathing habits:

Faith Belle, Wet Tank-Top Bathing

I'm not sure how Faith Belle keeps her eyeliner in such pristine condition while bathing. She starts off in a tank-top, which might have something to do with it. I think I may need to examine her a bit closer to see if I can find out the source of her 'talents':

Naughty Chrissy's Naughty Bath

With a name like "Naughty Chrissy," it doesn't seem like much of a challenge to fuck her in the seems like, with the name 'naughty,' you'd expect it to randomly happen without warning on any given day. Not that I'd complain; a life with random bubble-bath blowjobs would be heaven.

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